The World Culture Festival in Berlin
Olympiastadion Berlin 2nd & 3rd July 2011
An unforgettable Celebration of dance, music, dialogue and meditation.

Grand Guitar Ensemble for Peace

“Stretching the Sound is Music,
Stretching the Movement is Dance,
Stretching the Smile is Laughter,
Stretching the Mind is Meditation,
Stretching the Life is Celebration.”
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Grand Guitar Ensemble fo Peace
2nd July, 21.30 - 22.45, Olympiastadion Berlin
The World Culture Festival in Berlin will host a colorful concert with over 2,000 guitarists from every corner of the world gathering together.

Come and join!

Everyone who plays a guitar is invited to take part in this GROUND-BREAKING Concert.

Amateur and professional musicians alike will share the stage with stars in a celebration of world peace and intercultural harmony. Music transcends cultural borders and political boundaries. In the same way, human values transcend borders and boundaries. The human values of peace, harmony and understanding unite people of all backgrounds, cultures and traditions.

This World Culture Festival concert is part of a world series of intercultural peace concerts, which began with the Brahmnaad concert in New Delhi, India in November 2008 which featured over 1,200 sitar players and entered the Guinness Book World Record, followed by many other events such as Antarnaad choir in Pune, India which brought together over 2,700 Indian classical singers.


Mass Sitar recital world record!

Antarnaad - Musical Symphony - Guinness World Record
Video 1

Brahm Naad Symphony - Music for World Peace
Video 2

A Grafeul Act of 1000 Mohiniattam Dancers
Video 3


As a prerequisite for participation you need to be able to play the song "Amazing Grace" on your guitar!
Main rehearsal will happen: 1st of July 2011 at the Olympiastadion Berlin

Download the chord of the Amazing Grace here  (coming soon!)


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